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Stratagem 1.0; Akwa Ibom, A Destination for Development Capital

Keyphrase: Stratagem 1.0; Akwa Ibom, A Destination for Devt Investment

Borrodins Property Developers & Investment (BPDI) Limited is dedicated to helping Nigerians find ways to invest within the country. Through our portfolios in Real Estate, Tourism and Start-Up Business, we seek out ways for stakeholders to create lasting wealth. This is why we are floating an online Chat. It will bring Government, the private sector and general public to foster thought leadership.

We tag it the Stratagem series.

First in the series is Stratagem 1.0: Akwa Ibom – A Destination for Development Capital

Aims of the Conversation

First we want to align the investing publics with investment opportunities in Akwa Ibom State. Further, we want to engender direct engagement among core players in the state and beyond. 

Key Questions/Focus:

We will discuss things like;

  • What made certain investments in Uyo fail while others worked?
  • How come the increased number of investment into Uyo with private funding since 2018? Also what smart unknown opportunities for investment are in Akwa Ibom?
  • About the tech sector in Akwa Ibom, how readily available are tech talents?
  • What information can our diaspora sons lend us to help boost development at home?
  • About Ibom deep seaport (IDSP)? Is it true that capitalists in the bigger Nigerian cities are finally taking interest in IDSP?
  • What investments should capitalists simply avoid bringing into Akwa Ibom?
  • How about the craze around forex, crypto amongst our youths lately? Is it safe to enter however the success stories?

Date: Friday October 16th, 2020

Time: 8pm GMT+1 (2pm EST)


  • Comrade Ini Ememobong HC, Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Info/Strategy
  • Itoro Akpaniquot, Pres., AKISAN, USA
  • Hanson Johnson, Founder, Start Innovation Hub, Uyo.
  • Adejumoke Akure, ESV, CEO of Intelligent Spaces, Lagos, Thought Leader/Investor.

Hosts: I. Essien and Nkechi Ogbonna (Media execs)

Media: Zoom together with Facebook Live

Privacy: Public

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