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Short Story of Uyo’s Hottest Real Estate Company

So, Ido Aniekan, a lawyer, started her Real Estate company in one corner of a small office she shared with a publisher in Uyo. They were in one narrow street somewhere off Aka Road. In 2016, the company started her first residential estate on Aka Etinan, something short of around 100 plots.This is short story of how she grew what has become Uyo’s hottest real estate company.

Each plot was selling at N500,000, payable in up to 12 monthly instalments. You would then pay a legal and layout design fee of 15% after paying up. The company acquired all the documents, ran the necessary checks and recruited sales people. A PR partner, Jabborro PR joined in the same year to bolster sales efforts. Word got into town and leads began to pour into the offices for information.

The area was bushier than what you see in the video above. Naturally, some of the prospects complained of how bushy it was and left. Some said it was too cheap at 500k – at a time when you could buy 500sqm in Uyo at 2M and still say thank you to the seller. Fast forward to today, this residential estate which is at the Mbiokporo area of Aka Etinan, is selling at 1.3M. This is at time when you are buying a plot of land in urban Uyo for at least 4M.

The turnaround really came when the Government of Godswill Akpabio built Aka Etinan road and extended it all the way to Etinan. The area opened up, price of our land shot up to 700k and soon after, 850k.

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The individuals behind City Crest Estate

Barr. Ido’s company has since moved to a cleaner, more elitist neighbourhood at 4-lane. Thanks to her success with this particular estate, named City Crest, she has grown to opening more businesses in Uyo. Following closely after her, and adopting her strategy of billing buyers, more than 20 residential estates have opened in Uyo. Thanks (or no thanks, depending on your preference for neighbours) to the peaceable nature of Ibom people and the green, clean air we breathe in Akwa Ibom, incoming migration has been on the rise. There is growing interest of Nigerians to move to Akwa Ibom. The World Economic Forum recognized this in a recent report.

Ido now has City Crest Estate 4. She has sold out at least 1 edition of her City Crest project in one other location. Right now, the Mbiokporo one, City Crest 1, which is the largest, is still selling. It is projected to sell out faster than the recent ones, due to increased buyer interest. But there is also City Crest 3 and 4 which are both at the Airport road, the area called new Uyo. All are selling at uniform price.

To Buy a plot at any of the City Crest Estates, click here.

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